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Fixed broken html; Linked in my open source page on sidebar instead o…

…f github page
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1 parent b68dc20 commit f738a8202ad79e7f6f6eefc5e627532e7d447021 @Srirangan committed Oct 7, 2012
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4 app/views/main.scala.html
@@ -54,15 +54,15 @@
<li><a href=''>Review19</a></li>
<li><a href=''>Tapasya</a></li>
- <small>more <a href='./products'>products</a>
+ <small>more <a href='./products'>products</a></small>
<ul class='unstyled'>
<li class='nav-header'>Open Source</li>
<li><a href=''>BrowserDB</a></li>
<li><a href=''>Notifier.js</a></li>
- <small><a href=''>more on github</a></small>
+ <small>more <a href='/open-source'>open source</a></small>
<ul class='unstyled'>

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