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Apr 27, 2018

Learn Darklight

Learn Darklight is a browser extension that offers multiple themes for Waterloo Learn. Visit extension website


Chrome: View in Chrome Web Store

Edge: View in Edge Addons

Firefox: View in Firefox Addons


Custom Course Cover Pics

Customize the cover picture of each course as you like, so that the course entry on the homepage is no longer indistinguishable.

Homepage Calendar

Automatically bring together all course upcoming events and add them to the homepage to avoid missing any important dates.

Mutiple Themes with Night Mode

Different themes can be used in different scenarios. No need to worry about bright pages that may hurt your eyes at night. Also, the extension supports custom CSS and JS.

Support Waterloo and Laurier's D2L

This browser extension is designed for Waterloo Learn and Laurier MyLearning Space and can be used on both systems.

Detailed Extension Options

Detailed extension options allow you to turn any function on or off as you wish. When used with other extensions, you can turn off any conflicting features at any time.

And Even More

In addition to these features, there are even more available. For example, page content size control and custom homepage widgets. Please go to the extension options page to take a look.


  • Don't use other Waterloo Learn extensions with Darklight to avoid unexpected behaviors.
  • Waterloo Learn may change at any time, thus the extension may not function properly.
  • If you have any questions regarding this extension, please email me at or submit your feedback online.


  • This extension has no affiliation with Waterloo Learn, its developers, or the University of Waterloo.
  • Use this extension at your own responsibility.


Learn Darklight is a browser extension that offers multiple themes for Waterloo Learn.




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