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Mario + Portal game in LÖVE
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Latest commit b1412a0 @Stabyourself Merge pull request #1 from mdtrooper/master
Added the sha1.lua
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graphics Mari0 1.5 release
mappacks Mari0 1.5 release
netplayinc Initial
shaders Initial
sounds Initial
bighatconfigs.lua Initial
blockdebris.lua Initial
bowser.lua Initial
box.lua Initial
bubble.lua Initial
bulletbill.lua Initial
button.lua Initial
castlefire.lua Initial
cheepcheep.lua Initial
class.lua Initial
coinblockanimation.lua Initial
cubedispenser.lua Initial
door.lua Initial
editor.lua Mari0 1.5 release
emancipationgrill.lua Initial
entity.lua Initial
faithplate.lua Initial
fire.lua Initial
fireball.lua Mari0 1.5 release
firework.lua Initial
flower.lua Mari0 1.5 release
flyingfish.lua Initial
game.lua Mari0 1.6
gel.lua Initial
geldispenser.lua Mari0 1.5 release
goomba.lua Initial
groundlight.lua Initial
gui.lua Mari0 1.5 release
hatconfigs.lua Initial
intro.lua Mari0 1.5 release
koopa.lua Initial
lakito.lua Initial
laser.lua Initial
laserdetector.lua Initial
levelscreen.lua Initial
lightbridge.lua Initial
main.lua Mari0 1.6
menu.lua Mari0 1.6
miniblock.lua Initial
mushroom.lua Mari0 1.5 release
musicloader_thread.lua Mari0 1.6
netplay.lua Initial
notgate.lua Initial
oneup.lua Initial
physics.lua Mari0 1.6
plant.lua Initial
platform.lua Mari0 1.6
platformspawner.lua Initial
portalparticle.lua Initial
portalprojectile.lua Initial
portalwall.lua Initial
pushbutton.lua Initial
quad.lua Initial
rainboom.lua Initial
rgblist.lua Initial
screenboundary.lua Initial
scrollingscore.lua Initial
seesaw.lua Initial
seesawplatform.lua Initial
server.lua Initial
sha1.lua Added the sha1.lua from
spring.lua Initial
squid.lua Initial
star.lua Initial
tile.lua Initial
upfire.lua Initial
variables.lua Initial
vine.lua Initial
wallindicator.lua Initial
walltimer.lua Initial
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