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Oct 22, 2020

CoronaBlocker (🇬🇧)

CoronaBlocker replaces covid related words with friendlier alternatives.

Read the Dutch (🇳🇱) version of this document here.

Corona, corona and more corona: it is almost impossible to visit a (news) website without reading about it. CoronaBlocker replaces words like 'corona', 'covid' and 'Sars-CoV' with friendlier alternatives. CoronaBlocker also tells you exacly how many covid related words were found on the webpage.


CoronaBlocker can be installed as Chrome extension or Firefox add-on. I am currently working on getting the program in both app stores.

For now, download the folder en_EN from the latest version.

Go to extensions and activate Developer mode. Then press Load unpacked and navigate to the download location on your computer. Press select and you are good to go!

Go to addons and navigate to the settings icon. Click debugging add-ons and then load temporary add-on. Upload a zip-file with the contents of the previously downloaded folder (en_EN).

What does CoronaBlocker exactly do?

The extension searches for corona, covid and SARS-CoV on every webpage you visit. When found, CoronaBlocker changes those words to dogs (because everyone likes dogs). The small red batch on top of the extension icon shows how many words have been replaced on that page.

Future improvements

Please note that CoronaBlocker is not a professional company, or an app that I am planning to develop for years. It is a joke, made to be fun and entertaining. I have limited time and knowledge, therefore I do not think I will be able to implement all of my ideas. Moreover, I do not even know how to solve most of the problems described down below. So, if you do know how to make these improvements (or have any other suggestions) and if you feel inspired by my project, do not hesitate to contact me, or to make a pull request.

  • Add synonyms for 'corona' to the code
  • Add an easy option to turn the CoronaBlocker on and off
  • Find a way to turn off the replacement of words, but to keep the counter visible and working
  • A fix for the fact that after you open another tab and visit another website, the count on the other tab isn't accurate anymore
  • Let users pick there own remplacement words

Special thanks

Special thanks to Noah Verkaik for teaching me how to add 'corona' synonyms to the code and Mohsin Ali for helping me with my batch-counter-problems on StackOverflow.


CoronaBlocker replaces covid related words with friendlier alternatives.


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