Various scripts and utilities for StackStorm Exchange CI pipeline.
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StackStorm Exchange CI

Welcome to ci: the one repository that makes StackStorm Exchange tick. Indulge your natural curiosity: take a look around and learn a little about how StackStorm Exchange works from the inside!

This repository contains scripts for running tests and linters on pack PRs; sample files and schemas; and finally, the index builder. If you're looking for lint configs that we use in flake8 and pylint, the lint-configs repo would be the correct source.

The CI pipeline in StackStorm Exchange is based on CircleCI (see .circle/circle.yml.sample for the reference config). On every PR we automatically run tests (if present), check the pack config schemas, perform code style checks, and validate pack.yaml.

Once a PR is merged, the index update is run; StackStorm index is essentially a JSON file with metadata and URLs for every pack we have. See the index repo for details, and while you are at it, check out the web front-end source code as well.

That's all folks!