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AWS Integration Pack

This pack uses boto3 actions in StackStorm dynamically. It has the following features:

  • Uses boto3 configurations. Find more information on boto3 configuration in boto3 documentation.
  • Ability to run cross region actions.
  • Ability to run cross account actions.


AWS and Stackstorm, up and running.

Boto3 documentation

Boto3 contains detailed documentation and examples on each service. See more about available services here:


Install AWS_boto3 pack on StackStorm

  1. Install the AWS_boto3 pack:

    # Install AWS
    st2 pack install aws_boto3
    # Check it
    st2 action list -p aws_boto3


This pack currently has no configuration (See issue #4).

The simplest way to configure and test boto3 is to use awscli.

pip install awscli
aws configure
aws ec2 describe-vpcs --region "eu-west-1"

Or you can pass aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key in as parameters to assume_role along with optional MFA parameters.

Then go ahead and install aws pack and then aws_boto3.boto3action is ready to use, without additional configurations.

st2 run aws.boto3action service="ec2" action_name="describe_vpcs" region="us-west-1"

Let’s assume there is a boto3 profile name production. Use it like this:

st2 run aws_boto3.boto3action service="ec2" action_name="describe_vpcs" region="us-west-1" env="AWS_PROFILE=production"

See the Boto3 documentation for more information on profiles.

Example workflow - Scale up autoscaling group (using parameters)


st2 run aws_boto3.boto3action service="autoscaling" region="us-east-1" action_name="set_desired_capacity" params='{"AutoScalingGroupName": "my_asg","DesiredCapacity": 2}'

Example workflow - Create instance


Create an EC2 instance with defined keypair, subnet and security group:

st2 run aws_boto3.create_instance \
  region=us-east-1 \
  ImageId=ami-1234abcd \
  KeyName=deployment-key \
  SubnetId=subnet-5678efef \

Create an instance and assign tags:

st2 run --auto-dict aws_boto3.create_instance \
  ImageId=ami-1234abcd \
  Tags=Name:my-instance \

Example workflow - Create VPC


Create an VPC and a single subnet, run the following command:

st2 run aws_boto3.create_vpc \
  cidr_block="" \
  region="eu-west-1" \
  availability_zone="us-west-2b" \

Create VPC workflow with assume_role

Let’s assume we have two aws accounts. First aws account (123456) is already configured to use boto3. The second aws account (456789) has a IAM role st2_role assigned to the ST2 instance. We can assume this role, then use create_vpc workflow to create vpc in aws account 456789.

st2 run aws_boto3.create_vpc \
  role_arn="arn:aws:iam:456789:role/st2_role" \
  cidr_block="" \
  region="eu-west-1" \
  availability_zone="eu-west-1a" \

If you have your own IAM account (oliver) in 123456 and are allowed to switch roles to st2_role within account 456789 (plus and have exported variables for AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY) you could run the following command to create a VPC:

st2 run aws_boto3.create_vpc_assume_role role_arn="arn:aws:iam::456789:role/st2_role" \
  region="eu-west-1" cidr_block="" availability_zone="eu-west-1a" subnet_cidr_block="" \
  aws_access_key_id="${AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID}" aws_secret_access_key="${AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY}" \
  serial_number="arn:aws:iam::123456:mfa/oliver" use_mfa=True token_code=123456