st2 content pack containing Microsoft Azure integrations.
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Microsoft Azure Integration Pack

Pack which contains integrations for different Microsoft Azure services.


Copy the example configuration in azure.yaml.example to /opt/stackstorm/configs/azure.yaml and edit as required.

  • compute.subscription_id - Your Azure subscription ID.
  • compute.cert_file - Path to the certificate file used for authentication.

For information on how to obtain your subscription ID and generate and upload a certificate file, see the following page Generating and uploading a certificate file and obtaining subscription ID.

  • - Your storage account name.
  • storage.access_key - Your storage account access key.

For information on how to obtain those credentials, see the following page Connecting to Azure Blobs.

  • resource_manager.client_id Resource manager client ID
  • resource_manager.secret Resource manager token
  • resource_manager.tenant Resource manager tenant identifier
  • default_resource_group - Default resource group

For usage of the Resource Manager actions you will need to create a Service Principal

  • username Username of administrator for modifying Azure AD users
  • password Password of administrator for modifying Azure AD users

You can also use dynamic values from the datastore. See the docs for more info.

Note : When modifying the configuration in /opt/stackstorm/configs/ please remember to tell StackStorm to load these new values by running st2ctl reload --register-configs


Virtual Machines / Servers

  • list_vms - List available VMs.
  • create_vm - Create a new VM.
  • reboot_vm - Reboot a VM.
  • destroy_vm - Destroy a VM.

Object Storage

  • list_containers - List containers.
  • list_container_objects - List container objects.
  • upload_file - Upload local file to the provided container.
  • delete_object - Delete the provided object.

Resource Management

  • create_resource - Create a generic ARM resource
  • create_linked_resource_url - Create a linked (template and parameter) resource from a URI
  • list_resource_groups - List the names of the resource groups


  • create_ticket - Creates a new ticket with the given subject and description.
  • search_tickets - Searches all tickets for the given phrase.
  • update_ticket - Updates the ticket with the given ID with a new comment.
  • update_ticket_status - Updates the status of the ticket with the given ID.