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beertab - The StackStorm pack for keeping tabs on who owes you beer


# upgrade the st2 pack
st2 pack install st2

# install the beertab pack
st2 pack install beertab


beertab is a fun pack that is designed around ChatOps aliases that keep track of people who owe you beer. It works by storing beer tab data in the StackStorm key/value datastore and then using StackStorm actions to interface with that data.

Data format details

Each beer tab has an owner, this is the person who owes beer to someone else ie. the recipient. Recipients are people who are owed beer (usually for good reason).

Each owner has their own tab and it is stored uniquely in the datastore under the key beertab.{{ chatops_username }} where {{ chatops_username }} is the username of the person in Chat. Example: beertab.@DaveSmith

The value of the beer tab datastore key is a dictionary where each key is a recipient and each value is the number of beer of beers this owner owes the recipient.

Example, the beer tab for @DaveSmith would be stored under the key beertab.@DaveSmith and would have a value of:

  "@nmaludy": 9000,
  "@tom": 2,
  "@johnberry": 7


  • beertab.add - Adds a beer (1) for a recipient to an owners tab
  • beertab.aggregate - Performs aggregate opertaions across multiple beer tabs
  • beertab.find - Finds all beers owed to a recipient across all beer tabs
  • beertab.get - Gets a beer tab for an owner
  • beertab.modify - Modifies an individual beer tab by adding, removing, etc beers for a particular recipient.

ChatOps Aliases

Adding beer to a tab

The most common thing you're going to need to do is to add beer to your tab or to someone elses.

add a beer for {{ recipient }} to my tab
add a beer for {{ recipient }} to {{ owner }} tab

When using the my tab verison, StackStorm is smart and will pull the user who ran the command and automatically pass it into the action properly.


add a beer for @DaveSmith to my tab


add a beer for @DaveSmith to @nmaludy tab


Removing a beer from a tab

Removing a beer almost never happens, i mean seriously, who pays up on their beer debt?

remove a beer for {{ recipient }} to my tab
remove a beer for {{ recipient }} to {{ owner }} tab

Example, i was a nice guy and took Greg out for a beer:

remove a beer for @Greg from my tab


Getting a beer tab

You may want to see all of the people who you or someone you know owes beer to.

get my beer tab
get {{ owner }} beer tab
get beer tab
get beer tab for me
get beer tab for {{ owner }}

Example, checking on my beer owing status:

get my beer tab

Example, check on someone else's tab:

get beer tab for @DaveSmith


Finding all of the people who owe you a beer

Last, but probably most important is determining, across everyone's beer tab, who owes you beer. This is a great chance to call someone out and extract a hoppy beverage from them.

who owes me beer
who owes {{ recipient }} beer
find who owes me beer
find who owes {{ recipient }} beer

Example, finding people who owe you beer:

who owes me beer

Example, finding people who owes someone else beer:

who owes @brad beer


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