StackStorm pack for integration with Atlassian Crowd Single Sign-on and User Identify management system.
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Crowd Integration Pack

Pack for integration of Crowd into StackStorm. The pack includes the functionality to perform actions on Crowd through StackStorm.


Copy the example configuration in crowd.yaml.example to /opt/stackstorm/configs/crowd.yaml and edit as required.

It must contain:

  • app_url - URL for the Crowd application
  • app_user - Crowd application user
  • app_pass - Crowd application password

You can also use dynamic values from the datastore. See the docs for more info.

Note : When modifying the configuration in /opt/stackstorm/configs/ please remember to tell StackStorm to load these new values by running st2ctl reload --register-configs


  • check_user - Action to check if the user already exists in Crowd.
  • get_user - Action to get given user details from Crowd.
  • add_user - Action to add a user to the directory.
  • set_active - Action to set/change the active state of a user.
  • set_user_attribute - Action to set/change an attribute on a existing user.
  • add_user_to_group - Action to add a user to a group.
  • get_groups - Action to retrieves a list of group names that have given user as a direct member.