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RabbitMQ Integration Pack

Pack which allows integration with RabbitMQ.


Configuration is required to use the RabbitMQ sensor. Copy the example configuration in rabbitmq.yaml.example to /opt/stackstorm/configs/rabbitmq.yaml and edit as required.

  • host - RabbitMQ host to connect to.
  • username - Username to connect to RabbitMQ (optional).
  • password - Password to connect to RabbitMQ (optional).
  • queues - List of queues to check for messages. See an example below.
  • deserialization_method - Which method to use to de-serialize the message body. By default, no deserialization method is specified which means the message body is left as it is. Valid values are json and pickle.

You can also use dynamic values from the datastore. See the docs for more info.

You can specify multiple queues using this syntax:

      - queue1
      - queue2
      - ....


  • list_exchanges - List available exchanges.
  • list_queues - List available queues.
  • publish_message - Publish a message to a RabbitMQ service.

Note: list_exchanges and list_queues invoke rabbitmqadmin tool and must run on the same node where RabbitMQ server is running (they connect to the local instance).

publish_message example

The following action will publish a message to a remote RabbitMQ server with a stunnel-based tunnel preconfigured:

$ st2 run rabbitmq.publish_message host=localhost port=5673 virtual_host=sensu exchange=metrics exchange_type=topic username=sensu password=password message=" 1 1436802746"


  • new_message - Sensor that triggers a rabbitmq.new_message with a payload containing the queue and the body

This sensor should only be used with fanout and topic exchanges, this way it doesn't affect the behavior of the app since messages will still be delivered to other consumers / subscribers. If it's used with direct or headers exchanges, those messages won't be delivered to other consumers so it will affect app behavior and potentially break it.