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Terraform Integration Pack

This integration pack allows StackStorm to control Terraform, A tool that enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and improve production infrastructure.

Requires terraform to be installed on Worker nodes.


There are currently no configuration parameters.


  • terraform.apply - Apply the changes required to reach the desired state of the configuration
  • terraform.create_workspace - Create and switch to a new Terraform workspace
  • terraform.delete_workspace - Delete a Terraform workspace
  • terraform.destroy - Destroy the Terraform-managed infrastructure
  • terraform.get_version - Get the Terraform version
  • terraform.init - Initialize a working directory containing Terraform configuration files.
  • terraform.list_workspaces - List Terraform workspaces
  • terraform.output - Output output variables from the state file.
  • terraform.plan - Plan the changes required to reach the desired state of the configuration
  • terraform.select_workspace - Select a Terraform workspace
  • - Provides human-readable output from a state or plan file