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Vault Integration Pack

This pack is for Hashicorp Vault integrations


Copy the example configuration in vault.yaml.example to /opt/stackstorm/configs/vault.yaml and edit as required.

It should contain:

  • url - URL for the Vault server
  • cert - Path to client-side certificate
  • token - Authentication token
  • verify - Whether to verify the SSL certificate or not

You can also use dynamic values from the datastore. See the docs for more info.

Note : When modifying the configuration in /opt/stackstorm/configs/ please remember to tell StackStorm to load these new values by running st2ctl reload --register-configs


  • delete - Delete value from Vault server
  • get_policy - Read policy from Vault server
  • is_initialized - Read initialization status from Vault server
  • list_policies - List policies from Vault server
  • read - Read value from Vault server
  • write - Write key/value to Vault server
  • read_kv - Read key-value secrets from Vault server