Lint configs for different tools (flake8, pylint, etc.) used by StackStorm projects / repositories.
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StackStorm Lint Configs

This repository contains lint configs for different programming languages and tools (flake8, pylint, etc.) used by different StackStorm repositories.

Configs are grouped in sub-directories by programming language.


To use those configs, add this repository as a git subtree to the repository where you want to utilize those configs. After that is done, update make targets (or similar) to correctly pass path to the configs to the tools in question.

git subtree add --prefix lint-configs master --squash

To use it (example with pylint)

pylint -E --rcfile=./lint-configs/python/.pylintrc

And once you want to pull changes / updates from the lint-configs repository:

git subtree pull --prefix lint-configs master --squash