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@m4dcoder m4dcoder released this
· 177 commits to master since this release
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  • Add feature to retry task execution on given condition with delay in between retries and
    max number of retries. (new feature)
    Contributed by Hiroyasu Ohyama (@userlocalhost) and Nick Maludy (@nmaludy)
  • Add support to rerun completed workflow (failed or succeeded) from given task(s). (new feature)


  • Replace "noop" with "continue" when "do" is not specified. The new "continue" command
    will not alter the previous task state and will continue to conduct the workflow
    execution. StackStorm/st2#4740 (improvement)
  • Refactor conductor to not store each item result in task state. If there are a lot of items
    and/or result size is huge per item, then there will be a performance impact on database
    write operations when recording the conductor state. (improvement)
  • Use ujson to deepcopy dict(s) for faster performance. (improvement)
  • Refactor how inbound criteria for join task is evaluated to count by task completion
    instead of task transition. (improvement)


  • Fix conducting of cycle with a fork. Fixes #169 (bug fix)
  • Fix request_workflow_status to ignore certain status change errors such as pausing a workflow
    that is already pausing and canceling a workflow that is already canceling. (bug fix)
  • Remove rendering of workflow output automatically when updating task state. This caused
    workflow output to render incorrectly in certain use case. The render_workflow_output function
    must be called separately. (bug fix)
  • When inspecting custom YAQL/Jinja function to see if there is a context arg, use getargspec
    for py2 and getfullargspec for py3. (bug fix)
  • Check syntax on with items task to ensure action is indented correctly. Fixes #184 (bug fix)
  • Fix variable inspection where ctx().get() method calls are identified as errors.
    Fixes StackStorm/st2#4866 (bug fix)
  • Fix a problem of TypeError orccuring when a list (or dict) value that contains unhashable typed
    value (list or dict) is passed in some YAQL operators (e.g. distinct()). Fixes #176 (bug fix)
    Contributed by Hiroyasu Ohyama (@userlocalhost)