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StackStorm was founded in 2013. After several acquisitions the project has finally joined The Linux Foundation in 2019.

This page lists active project maintainers and their areas of expertise. This can be used for routing PRs, discussions, questions and overall coordination.

Leaders ***

3 vote points

@StackStorm/leaders is head of Technical Steering Committee (TSC). Responsible for Project Strategy, External Relations, Organizational aspects, Partnerships and Future.

Senior Maintainers **

2 vote points

Senior @StackStorm/maintainers are part of Technical Steering Committee. Have deep platform knowledge & experience and demonstrate technical leadership as well as driving the project forward.

Maintainers *

1 vote points

Being part of Technical Steering Committee (TSC) @StackStorm/maintainers provide significant and reliable value to the project helping it grow and improve through development and maintenance.


Contributors are using and occasionally contributing back to the project, might be active in conversations or express their opinion on the project’s direction. They're not part of the TSC voting process, but appreciated for their contribution, involvement and may become Maintainers in future.

  • Carlos (@nzlosh) - Chatops, Errbot, Community, Discussions, StackStorm Exchange.
  • Hiroyasu Ohyama (@userlocalhost) - Orquesta, Workflows, st2 Japan Community. Case Study.
  • Jon Middleton (@jjm) - StackStorm Exchange, Core, Discussions.
  • Shu Sugimoto (@shusugmt) - Docker, StackStorm Exchange packs.
  • Tristan Struthers (@trstruth) - Docker, K8s, Orquesta, Community.


People that are currently not very active maintainers/contributors but who participated in and formed the project we have today. Community Members, StackStorm Alumni and Influencers. Thank you, Friends!

  • Anthony Shaw (@tonybaloney) - Contribution via Ideas, Feedback, ChatOps improvements, core Architecture, Community and even Marketing. Case Study.
  • Andy Moore (@AndyMoore) - Community, StackStorm Exchange packs, Kubernetes.
  • Anirudh Rekhi (@humblearner) - ex Stormer. Systems, CI/CD, DevOps, Infrastructure.
  • Denis Barishev (@dennybaa) - ex Stormer. Re-architeced StackStorm installer via deb/rpm packages, made it stable, repeatable, fixed first platform pain points.
  • Ed Medvedev (@emedvedev) - ex Stormer. Made WebUI slick and ChatOps awesome, discovered and implemented today's StackStorm Exchange.
  • Evan Powell (@epowell101) - StackStorm co-founder, first CEO, Stormer forever.
  • Kirill Enykeev (@enykeev) - ex Stormer. WebUI, Workflow Designer, StackStorm Exchange, CI.
  • Michael Ward (@mward29) - StackStorm Exchange, Community, Docker & K8s. Case Study.
  • Matt Oswalt (@Mierdin) - ex Stormer. Invented, architected and implemented st2 Inquiries.
  • Patrick Hoolboom (@DoriftoShoes) - early Stormer. DevOps thought Leadership, ST2 Architecture, first Infrastructure, StackStorm Workflows to release StackStorm, e2e tests.
  • James Fryman (@jfryman) - early Stormer. StackStorm ChatOps father and Thought Leader.
  • Jinping Han (@jinpingh) - ex Stormer. Community, Core, Tests, Pack Dependencies.
  • Johan Dahlberg (@johandahlberg) - Using st2 for Bioinformatics/Science project, providing feedback & contributions in Ansible, Community, Workflows. Case Study.
  • Johan Hermansson (@johanherman) - Using st2 for Bioinformatics/Science project, feedback & contributions in Ansible, Community, Workflows. Case Study.
  • Lakshmi Kannan (@lakshmi-kannan) - early Stormer. Initial Core platform architecture, scalability, reliability, Team Leadership during the project hard times.
  • Manas Kelshikar (@manasdk) - ex Stormer. Developed (well) early core platform features.
  • Vineesh Jain (@VineeshJain) - ex Stormer. Community, Tests, Core, QA.
  • Warren Van Winckel (@warrenvw) - ex Stormer. Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Infrastructure.
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