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Semantic is a UI component framework based around useful principles from natural language.

JavaScript 30,884 3,512 Updated Jan 20, 2017

Android ImageView replacement which allows image loading from URLs or contact address book, with caching

Java 1,257 572 Updated Jan 12, 2017

Plugins for use with PhoneGap.

Java 2 4,367 Updated Aug 3, 2013

A modified version of Android's experimental StaggeredGridView. Includes own OnItemClickListener and OnItemLongClickListener, selector, and fixed position restore.

Java 1,618 754 Updated Jun 17, 2014

Pinterest style ListView for Android

Java 1 136 Updated Nov 21, 2012

In this series of tutorials, we show you the list of basic tutorials to get you start android programming.

Java 212 1,007 Updated Oct 29, 2016

[DEPRECATED] Action bar implementation which uses the native action bar on Android 4.0+ and a custom implementation on pre-4.0 through a single API and theme.

Java 7,369 4,143 Updated Dec 17, 2015