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Django GTD

A sample Getting Things Done (GTD) app using PostgreSQL, Memcached and the Django admin interface. To create projects, actions, context or make any modifications, use the Django admin URL at http://<app-url>/admin/.

Local development

pypm install -r requirements.txt
python syncdb
python migrate
python runserver

Deploying to Stackato

Push to the cloud, and then initialize the database:

stackato push -n

Visit http://gtd.stackato.local/ to see the list of tasks. Visit http://gtd.stackato.local/admin/ to modify tasks, projects and contexts.

Want to use PostgreSQL?

To use mysql instead of postgresql on production, you need to make only a few changes before pushing (or updating) your app:

  • In stackato.yml, replace mysql with postgresql under services.
  • In stackato.yml, replace mysql-python with psycopg2 under requirements.
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