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Pet clinic Sample

This is a Java sample using the Spring framework and a MySQL service.

Deploying the Application to HPE Helion Stackato

To deploy to HPE Helion Stackato:

mvn clean package -Dmaven.test.skip=true
stackato push -n

You can view the application at the 'Application Deployed URL'.

Running the Application locally

This application uses the DATABASE_USE variable to get the database informations. To run the application locally, set the DATABASE_URL variable in your local environment to point to your local mysql database:

export DATABASE_URL=mysql://user:password@localhost/myapp

To build the application, make sure you have Maven installed. Then, cd into the root directory and execute:

mvn clean package

If you do not want to set up a local database, you can skip the test and buid the application with:

mvn clean package -Dmaven.test.skip=true

That will create the petclinic.war file in the 'target' directory.

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