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Perl and Mojolicious based web application for testing and debugging regular expressions.
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static Looks like even with the nginx configuration dotcloud still wants fav…
t Perlcritic compliance, code cleanup.
Makefile.PL Added List::MoreUtils dependency to Makefile.PL
app.psgi Still tweaking dotcloud install.
manifest.yml Replace stackato.yml with manifest.yml
nginx.conf Added an nginx.conf that shifts static content searching to public/ (…
requirements.ppm Switch to using stackato-buildpack-perl
retester Change app->secret() to secrets([...]) for newer Mojolicious


A web application for testing and debugging Regular Expressions, powered by the Perl programming language, and the Mojolicoius web framework.

Currently this app is live, hosted at Heroku at the following URL:

Deploy on Stackato

stackato push -n
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