Simple fibonacci sinatra app: http://host/fib/<num>
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Simple Sinatra application

This is a simple Sinatra Ruby application copied from Cloud Foundry's README.

Local development

sudo gem install bundler
bundle install
ruby fibo.rb

Deploying to HPE Helion Stackato

sudo gem install bundler
bundle install  # creates the required Gemfile.lock file
stackato push -n

To test autoscaling:

  1. Set the autoscaling parameters. I find something like CPU 20-40% and 2-5 instances works.

  2. Run the command:

    ruby client/drive-fibo.rb

  3. The health-manager, by default, lags by about a minute. Use the following settings to speed it up:

kato config set health_manager intervals/cpu_autoscaling_heartbeat_interval N

default N is 6, which means it might do an autoscale every N heartbeats, or 60 seconds

kato config set health_manager autoscaling/cooldown_period N -- default is 180 secs, to keep the health_manager from duplicating pending requests.

kato config set dea_ng intervals/heartbeat N -- default is every 10 secs