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Latest commit 686351d Jul 9, 2012 @jandubois jandubois Get rid of Makefile.PL
The file was non-functional (there is no inc/ subdirectory) and
only existed to tell Catalyst to run in devlopment mode.  This
can be accomplished better by setting $CATALYST_HOME.

This change also moves the requirements.txt content into a
requirements::ppm section in the new stackato.yml file.

Catalyst Basics Sample

A very basic Catalyst web application taken from the Catalyst Tutorial:

Copyright 2006-2010, Kennedy Clark, under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License Version 3.0 (

Running locally

This server can be run on your local workstation, but you'll need to install several Catalyst modules first. These are available via PPM:

ppm install Catalyst::Runtime
ppm install Catalyst::Engine::PSGI
ppm install Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy
ppm install Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader
ppm install Catalyst::Plugin::Static::Simple
ppm install Catalyst::Action::RenderView
ppm install Catalyst::View::TT
ppm install Config::General

To start the server (http://localhost:3000):

perl script/

Deploying to Stackato

When pushing the application to Stackato, the dependencies are installed automatically based on the list in requirements.txt. To push the app:

stackato push tut2