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A Cloudfuji chat application

Kandan - Modern Open Source Chat

The slickest chat app out there. Open-source and well-supported to boot.

Deploying on Stackato

$ git clone git://
$ cd kandan
$ stackato push -n

Your app should be up and running after a few minutes. Create a new account and start chatting!

Standard Features

These are features that work out of the box on any provider:

  • Collaborative team chat
  • Unlimited channels
  • Embed formats for images and youtube videos with requests for others (twitter, facebook, g+, etc.)
  • Synchronized sound player - play any audio-tag compatible url for the whole channel (Pending :P)
  • /me command!
  • Highly extensible plugin format
  • Your very own robotic companion


See the issue tracker

Get Involved!

That's not a question, it's an order! Or more of a friendly offer, really. Kandan is a fully open-source app, so dive in and start adding features, fixing bugs (what bugs?), and cleaning up the code.


  • Sacha Greif for his amazing design job and exacting implementation standards on Kandan. A wonder and a pleasure to work with.
  • Andrew Hampton For the initial manual server install instructions.
  • Thomas Risberg For the Cloud Foundry install instructions and compatibility fixes.
  • Cloudfuji for leading and sponsoring the initial development of Kandan


Kandan's code and assets are dual-licensed. Kandan is available generally under the AGPL, and also under a custom license via special agreement. See LICENSE for the AGPL terms, and contact us at if you're interested in development of Kandan under a custom license.

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