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Start-SimplePomodoro is a function, add your variables and the run syntax in the ps1 file for easy reusability

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  Start-SimplePomodoro is a function command to start a new Pomodoro session with additional actions. This is a simplified version of the Start-Pomodoro 


    By MVP Ståle Hansen ( with modifications by Jan Egil Ring (
    Pomodoro function by Nathan.Run()
    Note: for desktops you need to enable presentation settings in order to suppress email alerts, by MVP Robert Sparnaaij:
    Start-Pomodoro also controls your Skype client presence, this is removed in Start-SimplePomodoro
    This function closes Teams and starts it again after the session has ended for full focus on deep work
    Latest version blogged about here:
    Latest version to be found here:
    Required version: Windows PowerShell 3.0 or later 
    If you end the script prematurely, you can run the script with a 10 second lenght to reset your IFTTT and 
    It is recommended to add your Start-SimplePomodoro runline at the end of this script for easy startup


  Start-SimplePomodoro -Minutes 10 -AudioFilePath $MusicToCodeByCollectionPath -StartMusic
  Start-SimplePomodoro -Minutes 15 -SpotifyPlayList spotify:playlist:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  Start-SimplePomodoro -Minutes 20 -IFTTMuteTrigger pomodoro_start -IFTTUnMuteTrigger pomodoro_stop -IFTTWebhookKey XXXXXXXXX
  Start-SimplePomodoro -Minutes 0.1 -SpotifyPlayList spotify:playlist:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -IFTTMuteTrigger pomodoro_start -IFTTUnMuteTrigger pomodoro_stop -IFTTWebhookKey XXXXXXXXX
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