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A simple API that allows for GET, POST, UPDATE and DELETE requests.
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#Mission Statement:
To provide a way to educate young people of various ages about the world of stamps through an interactive digital experience.

#Project Overview: We will build web based games/ interactive media to support the education goals of the convention, and provide a collection point for those projects to be easily sought out by users. This collection point/ landing page will also contain links to 3rd party interactive media, as well as links to learn more about the process/ hobby/ postal system. As part of the project, we will be developing an open source API that will resolve to be a digital source for stamp factoids and images, so the developers of the media don’t have to source their own content.

###API Specific
The API is to return the stamp information in a JSON blob/object.
GET requests are working with pre-populated data.

###Usage Currenty this is LHO (Local Host Only). To use please follow these steps.

  • clone this repository
  • assure that you are in the same directory you cloned this project to
  • create a virtual environment python3 -m venv env
  • install required packages pip install -r requirements.txt
  • launch the API by typing python stamps.api
  • navigate your web-browser to

####TODOS: ** Add POST/PUT methods to add new stamps
** Add UPDATE method to return updated stamp info
** Add DELETE method to remove stamps
** Create database to store stamp info to allow for filtering

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