Building Stack Overflow with AngularJS
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This project is built on the Stamplay platform with AngularJS to show you how to build community platform like, like Stack Overflow.

When it comes to solving any kind of unexpected problems while coding there’s only one place that makes everyone confident about finding the right answer, and its name is Stack Overflow. It’s so popular with the developer community that it recently celebrated it’s ten millionth question!

In this project we’ll show you how to create a Stack Overflow clone that:

  • lets guest users read and search every question and its answer available on the website
  • lets guest users list all tags, users, filter and sort questions on the website
  • lets guest users signup using their GitHub account to interact with the content of the website
  • lets logged users ask a new question to the community
  • lets logged users upvote or down vote a question
  • lets logged users upvote or down vote an answer
  • lets logged users and authors of a question mark an answer as “correct”
  • lets up voted or down voted questions or answers gain or loose its author reputation points

This is what you'll build.

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###Click here to read the full tutorial###