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Customizing SELKS

Peter Manev edited this page Jun 16, 2020 · 16 revisions
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Here is a simple example.

Get a Debian Buster (virtual machine or your work machine...whichever) up and running and make sure it has 8-10GB of free space.

4 easy steps:


apt-get install git-core


git clone


cd SELKS && ./


./ -k 5.7.2 -p "w3af aircrack-ng hydra python-scapy"

This will probably take 30-60 min. It will make a SELKS ready to install image with a kernel version 5.7.2 and add the packages w3af aircrack-ng hydra python-scapy to the default SELKS distro with all their needed dependencies automatically.

After done you will end up with a SELKS.iso in your Stamus-Live-Build/ directory. You are good to go. You can burn and install the new image.