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SELKS 4.0 to SELKS 5.0 upgrades

Peter Manev edited this page Apr 16, 2019 · 1 revision


To upgrade your existing SELKS 4 to SELKS 5 preview:

git clone
cd SELKS/scripts/SELKS4-SELKS5/

Give it some time - it could be anywhere between 20-50 min depending on your installation.


If you need to reindex a current elasticsearch data/installation you could utilize a ready to use script form the repo above:


Time for completion is entirely dependent on the amount and volume of data/indices/indexes of your current setup.

NOTE: You can also download a ready to use SELKS 5 ISO - and use the first time set up guide here -

NOTE: You may need to reset your dashboards via Scirius' web GUI

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