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fixed: XOAD_HTML is included when XOAD is loaded;
in previous version XOAD_HTML was included
only on callback;
fixed: XOAD_Client::register(...); nested objects
were not serialized as objects, but as the
string "object";
added: XOAD_HTML::cssQuery; Example:
$a =& XOAD_HTML::cssQuery('div + div + div');
$a->style['color'] = 'red';
added: Prototype support; Big thanks to Ronald Nikel; (major, preview)
note: please read the INSTALL file; there are some
security notes;
note: extensions are turned off by default; you
should manually edit
'config/extensions.config.php' to enable only
the extension you'll use;
added: XOAD_Controls extension; this extension
allows you to register custom client
added: XOAD Controls Library initial version;
added: after a lot of thinking, I've decided to add
support for Internet Explorer 5.
fixed: the Cache extension directory was renamed to
cache (all lower-case); extensions should not
include upper-case letters.
fixed: several JS warnings under Firefox (thanks
humeniuc); (major)
major: NAJAX has been renamed to XOAD - XmlHttp
Object oriented Application Development;
added: XOAD_Cache extension; you can cache callback
requests to the server so the next time you
execute them again they will be loaded from
the cache;
fixed: GET parameters were not exported to the
client; (minor) 09/20/2005
fixed: small bug-fixes in the chatAdvanced example -
the error dialog was removed;
added: xoad.html.importForm (imports an associative
array to the corresponding form elements)
and xoad.html.exportForm (exports form values
to an associative array);
added: support for asynchronous calls canceling; (major) 09/18/2005
fixed: serious bug in XOAD Events; some events were
posted more than once in case of a slow
connection to the server;
added: support for Server Extensions and
Client observers; you can extend XOAD
as much as you want;
added: XOAD_HTML extension - tutorial coming
added: new example scripts - Exam and HTML;
new tutorial - XOAD Page Skeleton;
added: XOAD Events providers now support the 'port'
parameter; big thanks to Jurriën Stutterheim;
fixed: the new client error handling introduced in RC1 - instead of 'onMethodName' it
was calling 'OnmethodName'; RC1 (major) 08/29/2005
added: XOAD Client Event System (XOAD Events);
added: MySQL provider for XOAD Events; you can configure
it from xoad.config.php;
added: XOAD_Server::allowClasses(...);
added: XOAD_Server::denyClasses(...);
added: xoad.asyncCall in xoad.js (xoad_optimized.js);
pass it as last argument to function calls and
they'll be called asynchronously:
client.Test(); // Synchronous
client.Test(xoad.asyncCall); // Asynchronous
added: better client error handling; you can create
custom method error handlers, like this:
client.onTestError = function(error) {
return true;
Note that you must return true to suppress
exception bubbling;
fixed: when a class performs a callback,
XOAD_Server::runServer(...) validates the
callback - checks if the class is allowed
and if the called method is public; (minor) 08/08/2005
comment: JavaScript functions have been renamed to
fixed: XOAD_Server::initializeCallback(...) now
checks if the called method is public;
been moved to xoad.config.php;
comment: publicMethods(...), privateMethods(...),
publicVariables(...), privateVariables(...)
and mapMethods(...) have been moved from
XOAD_Utilities to XOAD_Client; (minor) 08/04/2005
added: XOAD_Server support for server side events;
fixed: xoad_optimized.js has been compressed using;
fixed: Package documentation has been updated;
comment: XOAD_Server::initialize(...) has been renamed
to XOAD_Server::runServer(...); (minor) 08/01/2005
added: XOAD_Server::mapClass(...); use this method
to map class names to the files where they are
defined; only the class that is the source of the
callback will be loaded;
added: The Chat example now supports emoticons and
fixed: __clone is now using xoadClone(...) to merge
two objects; when a method deletes a member
it's value will be null; when a method adds
a new member it will be available immediately
after the call ends; (minor) 07/31/2005
fixed: The Chat example; the class name is 'Explorer',
but the script was using 'explorer'; (initial) 07/31/2005
comment: First public release;
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