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Romanesco dui

Generative Live Art Application 2011-2018


the most information below is from the previous version devellopement, there is a lot of improvement and change, so the information content can be wrong ; for the moment contact me is a better solution :)

Those sketches are the progress in work, writen for Processing 3.4

To download the last built version, go to app

Architecture Sketches

  • Romanesco : Sketch to set the Romanesco application.
  • Controleur : interface slider to use the objects and the different parameters.
  • Prescene : use it to move the object in 3D.
  • Scene : display the result. We can use this one to send to syphon or not.
  • Romanesco must be coded with Processing 3.4


Romanesco Prescene and Scene need a lot of memory to run in processing. You will maybe need to increase the Processing memory.

Help to code

If you want to code in Romanesco, there are a few compulsory variables, methods and functions. You can find the different helpful files in the "Misc" folder.

Code and Export

  • Create a new tab with a clean sub class "SuperRomanesco" in Prescene Sketch
  • Give a number ID to this one. This number must be in the series of the other. No interruption from the first item ID to the last ID.
  • When your code is done, run the Prescene to create the index of your items in the folder index_romanesco_objects.csv : Prescene-#/preferences/objects paste this one in the to the folder Controleur-#/preferences/objects.
  • Change or add a thumbnail for your object Controleur_##/data/thumbnail/.../file+className+.png there is 4 pic for each object. Size 22x22 pixel in png mode. You can use the illustrator file in the MISC/design/picto folder.
  • Run the sketch Controleur
  • If your code works fine, you can past your brick in the folder Scene-##

Built Romanesco on OSX

  • Before export your sketches
  • Create a main folder, in this one create a folder named "sources".
  • In "sources" you create "preferences" folder
  • In "preferences" you drop :
  • "background_shader" folder
  • "Font" folder
  • "Images" folder
  • "Karaoke" folder
  • "network" folder
  • "objects" folder
  • "pixel" folder
  • sketchProperty.csv file
  • "setting" folder
  • shaderBackgroundList.csv file
  • sliderListEN.csv file
  • sliderListFR.csv file
  • In "sources" you create "import" folder
  • In "import" folder, you drop your "font" folder and you can drop or add "bitmap", "karaoke", "movie" and "svg" folder. After you can use this folder to add your files.svg in "svg", in "movie", files.txt in "karaoke", files.png or files.jpg in "bitmap" folder.
  • Becareful, if you change or add new sliders in the file "sliderListEN.csv" or "sliderListFR.csv" don't forget to copy in your folder application, because if you don't do that the controler make a crash and you don't know why :)
  • Export all your sketches
    • In Scene :
    • Change boolean TEST_ROMANESCO = false ;
    • Change boolean OPEN_APP = true ;
    • Change boolean TEST_FULL_SCREEN = false ;
    • you must export the sketch Scene two times. In the first you must comment the line fullScreen() after you add "_fullscreen" to the end of the name file. After you make the second export uncomment fullScreen()and comment the line size(). When the export is done, add "_window" to the end of the name file.
    • For the other exportation nothing in particular.
    • Put the "" in the main Folder
    • For the other "Controleur_##", "Prescene_##", "Scene_##window" and "Scene##_fullscreen" in "sources" drop it in the "sources" folder.
    • You can embeded Java when you export your differents app. That make bigger file but easiest to use on other platform.
  • Check your internet connexion and run.

Built Romanesco on Linux

  • Need help to do that.

Built Romanesco on Windows

  • Need help to do that.

Libraries used for the application

  • OSC, add from libraries Manager of Processing.
  • Geomerative
  • Leapmotion
  • Tablet
  • Syphon, add from libraries Manager of Processing.
  • Video, add from libraries Manager of Processing.
  • Minim, add from libraries Manager of Processing.
  • The Midi Bus, add from libraries Manager of Processing.
  • Romefeeder, Toxilib


ROMANESCO is under the licence CeCILL.

Romanesco is a FOSS / Free and Open Source Software

For commercial use, making a donation can be good to support the project !

ROMANESCO 2011-2018.