Automated server configuration and Ushahidi setup scripts for the Standby Task Force
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Scripts and puppet configuration to set up and configure a server to run Ushahidi (though the puppet could be expanded to run anything).

The goal is that you can run one command:

./bin/ [ip/hostname of server]

And it will install and configure an Ushahidi on that server, using the best configuration possible, including handling monitoring and other such maintenance issues.

If the puppet config is changed, you can simply run one command on the server to grab and apply it:

sbtf@server:~/sbtf$ sudo ./bin/

Thus, with minimal effort, anyone can run a highly optimised, sensibly configured Ushahidi - and more importantly, keep up to date with any improvements over time.

Server Requirements

The config expects to be run on a server running Ubuntu Lucid, which was chosen due to being the most recent LTS release. It'll probably run against newer Ubuntus and also probably against Debian. Patches welcome.

In particular, the config has been tested against Amazon EC2 instances, however it was ported from a project running on Rackspace, so it may run fine there too. If you have your own pristine Lucid machine, there's no reason why it wouldn't be a suitable host - again, patches welcome.


This project is released into the public domain.

Attribution would be nice, a link to is fine.

Principal Author: Nigel McNie <>

Initial config donated by Shoptime Software: