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pingers This update resolves a number of bugs and adds some API features.
* Fix org save logic.
* stanford_cap_api_orgs_save_organization() renamed stanford_cap_api_organization_save().
* Batch API support for org import.
* Prevent sync running multiple times in one day.
* Allow restricting import by metadata E.g. Faculty.
* Add API for purging all imported profiles.
* Fix CAP API change for ETags. Now varchar(32) instead of integer.
* Cache requested data from CAP to avoid repeated CAP API calls.
* Separate concerns of importing a profile.
* Improve field collection sync support.
* No longer assume failed requests to CAP should unpublish profiles during sync.
* Remove references to CAP API test urls.
* Simplify profile image support.
* Fix CAP API request flow. Lazy fetch auth token. I.e. Assume token is valid until request fails.
Latest commit 2a8e781 Nov 28, 2014


  1. Getting Started
  • Some modules are required by the Stanford CAP API modules. Please make sure they have been downloaded to your Drupal installation. See the .info files for more information. They can download these automatically for you when you enable the modules using Drush. See
  • Enable the Stanford CAP API, organizations and profiles module.
  • Visit admin/config/cap/config/settings and enter your CAP credentials.
  • Click on the Details tab (admin/config/cap/config).
  • Verify your site can connect to the CAP API.
  • Import the organizations from CAP (click the link on the Details page).
  • Either select a group or individual profile to import.
  • Now the process will take considerable time to create the many fields required to store a faculty profile and once that has finished, the actual profile(s) will be imported.

Warning: the process of creating fields takes a long time. This will be converted to Batch (and Queue) API soon. In the meantime, please ensure that a high PHP execution time is configured to allow this process time to complete. If it does timeout, just refresh the page and the process to create fields will continue to create fields where it stopped. This may take 10 minutes to complete the first time that ALL fields are created. Synchronizing the profiles doesn't take nearly as much time to complete.

  1. Stanford CAP API module

This module provides some functions to connect to the Stanford CAP (Community Academic Profile) API and some configuration pages to store authentication information. The submodules are much more interesting.

For more information about CAP, see

  1. Stanford CAP API organizations module

In order to import academic profiles in a more meaningful way, you need to import the list of organizations. Organizations are imported as a taxonomy. This can be used standalone (without the profile related modules).

  1. Stanford CAP API profiles module

This module provides the import and synchronization functionality for faculty profiles. There are two components to the import; schema and data. The schema import creates the fields in Drupal required to store a faculty profile from CAP. The data import retrieves the actual profiles from CAP. Thankfully, intimate knowledge of these parts are not required to get started.

From the configuration page you can select a group (working group) of faculty profiles OR search for individual profiles you wish to synchronize.

Synchronization can be configured to run each time you view a profile OR during nightly by using a cron job. This is selectable in the administraion interace.

  1. Stanford CAP API profiles layout module (Experimental)

This part of the module is as yet incomplete. If you enable the module, you will need to visit admin/config/cap/config/profile_test and click the "Synchronize profiles layout" button. This uses the CAP layouts endpoint to create a display mode for the faculty profile content type and provide a sensible layout based on CAP's suggestion on what data should be displayed.

See admin/structure/types/manage/cap_stanford_profile/display/full