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Twitch Crowdsourcing

CHI 2014 paper

Twitch crowdsourcing is a principle that aims to lower the barrier to participation in crowdsourcing tasks. We envision crowdsourcing via short bursts of activity (1-2 seconds) and in completing goals by aggregating lots of these micro-contributions.

This project contains the source code for the Android app built for the paper. Our app overrides the default Android lock screen and presents one of several quick tasks that unlock the phone upon completion.

Install Twitch

There are several ways to grab Twitch to play around with. A version of the app is available on Google Play. The .apk corresponding to the current code revision is copied to the project root directory for convenience, if you prefer manually installing the newest version. Finally, we include an ADT project setup, so feel free to load the source code in Eclipse and poke around.