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Barnes Hut

A Barnes-hut simulator written in Regent.


  1. A working build of Regent with HDF5 support enabled
  2. (Optional) Gasnet for multi-node simulations

Getting started

  1. Convert input bodies csv to hdf5 format via hdf5_converter.rg (see sample datasets in input folder for desired format):
    • / hdf5_converter.rg -i <path_to_input_csv> -o <desired_path_to_output_hdf5_file> -n <number_of_bodies_in_input_file>
  2. Run Barnes-Hut simulation:
    • Using the regent interpreter directly: / barnes_hut.rg -i <path_to_input_hdf_file> -n <number_of_bodies_in_input_file>
    • Compiling first: SAVEOBJ=1 / barnes_hut.rg, and then call the built binary with the same options as above