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CodeBinding allows you to create bindings directly from Linq expressions in your code
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CodeBinding.Rx.Test Updating Rx-Main package from 1.1.10425 to 1.0.10605
CodeBinding.Rx Updating version to
CodeBinding.Test Test project for CodeBinding.Rx
Nuget Updating version to
Samples ObservableEx.FromExpression renamed to ObservableEx.Create.
packages Updating Rx-Main package from 1.1.10425 to 1.0.10605
.gitignore Updating .gitignore to skip Nuget/Releases directory where nuget pack…
CodeBinding.vsmdi Test project for CodeBinding
LICENSE License added
Local.testsettings Test project for CodeBinding
TraceAndTestImpact.testsettings Test project for CodeBinding


Change log

  • Fixed bug related to implicit conversion when binding to enum types

  • Supported binding to any properties (not DependencyProperties)
  • New method 'IDisposable BindingEx.BindFromExpression()' added
  • Changed behavior of BindingEx.FromExpression()
  • Added test projects
  • DelegateConverter and DelegateMultiValueConverter replaced with ExpressionValueConverter
  • Improved binding creation engine
  • Fixed bug related to not removing multi-bindings correctly

  • Data Bindings creation from lambda expressions
  • Supported binding to DependencyProperties


Change log

  • Updated dependency on CodeBinding

  • Added test projects
  • ObservableEx.FromExpression() renamed to ObservableEx.Create()
  • Fixed problem with OnError method not being called when expression throws an exception

  • IObservable<> object generation from lambda expressions
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