Play inline videos on iPhone with HTML canvas player.
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Depreciation notice

This was intended for auto-playing videos on iOS, but as of iOS 10, there is native supported option playsinline, read more here: (Android works for ages now).

So this project is not actively maintained anymore. Use native HTML video instead of it.

If anyone wants to take over the maintenance, feel free to open an issue, and I'll add you as contributor.

HTML canvas video player

Easy way to play videos inline on iPhones

Simple plain JavaScript class for playing videos on canvas. IE9+ and modern browsers, but it was intended for iPhone only.

Please let me know if you are using this player, I would like to make a small showcase, thanks!

Thanks to everyone who issued pull requests.

Documentation and demo.


  • Few minor tweaks (thanks to pull requests)
  • Added audio support and moved timeline to the main JS file
  • Initial release