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Google Doc Connector Pro

The plugin allows you to use Google Sheets as a configuration repository for your game. And also use Google Sheets as a repository for localization. The plugin saves data from spreadsheets in json and uses data from them when building a project. In the Editor mode, you can synchronize and save all the necessary spreadsheets.

NPM Package openupm Licence Issues

API Reference

Install from NPM

  • Navigate to the Packages directory of your project.
  • Adjust the project manifest file manifest.json in a text editor.
  • Ensure is part of scopedRegistries.
    • Ensure com.stansassets is part of scopes.
    • Add to the dependencies, stating the latest version.

A minimal example ends up looking like this. Please note that the version X.Y.Z stated here is to be replaced with the latest released version which is currently NPM Package.

  "scopedRegistries": [
      "name": "npmjs",
      "url": "",
      "scopes": [
  "dependencies": {
    "": "X.Y.Z",
  • Switch back to the Unity software and wait for it to finish importing the added package.

Install from OpenUPM

  • Install openupm-cli npm install -g openupm-cli or yarn global add openupm-cli
  • Enter your unity project folder cd <YOUR_UNITY_PROJECT_FOLDER>
  • Install package openupm add

Install from a Git URL

Yoy can also install this package via Git URL. To load a package from a Git URL:

  • Open Unity Package Manager window.
  • Click the add + button in the status bar.
  • The options for adding packages appear.
  • Select Add package from git URL from the add menu. A text box and an Add button appear.
  • Enter the Git URL in the text box and click Add.
  • You may also install a specific package version by using the URL with the specified version.
    • Please note that the version X.Y.Z stated here is to be replaced with the version you would like to get.
    • You can find all the available releases here.
    • The latest available release version is Last Release

Referencing packages from private repositories by SSH

Unity Package Manager supports referencing packages from private repositories by SSH, see an example: "": "ssh://". But easy to stumble if doing it the first time because Unity Package Manager requires the only SSH key without a passphrase. A quick guide to starting with:

  • Start Git Bash and generate SSH key without a passphrase if you don't have one already. (Git SSH Guide)
  • Add SSH key to an ssh-agent. Reboot PC.
  • Create some temporary directory on a PC and go there by executing command cd C:\Repositories\SSHTestRepository. Clone repository that going to be referenced as a package with git clone, agree with adding to a hosts list.
  • Done! Feel free to delete previously cloned repository.

For more information about what protocols Unity supports, see Git URLs.