Transport messages between Zulip and IRC
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zulip-irc-ii - Transport messages between Zulip and IRC using ii. This software includes the raw script that allows you to transport messages, and an init script that allows your to configure zulip-irc-ii to your needs.


# Fill out zulip-to-irc.conf with IRC settings 
# and .zulip-rc with Zulip credentials 
./zulip-to-irc start


zulip-irc-ii allows you to interact with Zulip over IRC. Specifically, zulip-irc-ii works in concert with ii, a FIFO-based IRC client. Install ii, and have it join the IRC network and channel of your choice. Then, run (ZI3). ZI3 puts new messages into the IRC channel, and monitors your responses to send messages back to Zulip.

You have the option of running directly and managing ii yourself, or using the provided init script with a populated config file for running.

The .zulip-rc file is JSON, a hash of "api_key" and "api_user". The zulip-to-irc config file is bash and follows the VAR=VALUE syntax. The "translations" file is also a JSON file of key->value.


zulip-irc-ii depends on ii, a FIFO-based IRC client.

zulip-irc-ii is written in perl, and depends on the not-yet-uploaded WebService::Zulip module. Until it's uploaded, you can clone WebService::Zulip, and put the following line in your zulip-to-irc.conf:


zulip-irc-ii uses the JSON, File::Tail, and Net::Server::Daemonize CPAN modules.


Fill out the zulip-to-irc.conf file, and run

./zulip-to-irc start

You can start, stop, restart, and check the status of zulip-to-irc. Using the software is easy. Join the channel you configured in zulip-to-irc.conf and you'll see new messages flowing in. zulip-to-irc watches for messages from you. For example, in order to send a message to a stream named 'Victory' with a topic of 'IRC'

Victory/IRC: wow, I can't believe this works!

You can use the short names presented by zulip-to-irc to respond to mentions:

Victory/IRC: @maxim thanks!

You can send and respond to private messages with the email address of the user. This is mostly a deficiency in the current program. It should take a short name. this feature is less useful

Zulip-to-irc allows you define translations in JSON. For example, a heart emoji in Zulip is shown with '❤️'. You can specify a JSON translation file to automatically translate messages with '<3' into '❤️'.


There are plenty of things this doesn't do. Those are technically bugs, but they aren't great. Tell me if you find any.


Stan Schwertly (