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Lite DayZ Private Server



Note: Steps with a X infront of them are optional.

  1. Using one of the MySQL Database Programs you downloaded, connect to your mysql server using these details (Note: The "ROOTPASSWORD" is the password you set for the root user when you installed mysql server).

    Connection Name: WHATEVERYOUWANT
    Host Name/IP Address: localhost
    Port: 3306
    User Name: root
    Password: ROOTPASSWORD
  2. Create a new database (call it whatever you want e.g. dayz)

  3. X Create a new user by running this query in your database you just created

    create user 'YOURNEWUSERNAME'@'localhost' identified by 'ROOTPASSWORD';
    grant all privileges on YOURDATABASENAME.* to 'YOURNEWUSERNAME'@'localhost';
  4. Extract all the contents of this repo into your Arma 2 Combined Operations directory.

  5. Execute Server_Setup.bat.

  6. Enter your MySQL login information (Note: Default username is root).

  7. Enter the [Mod Code] ( for the mod you would like to use.

  8. Wait until you see "Server Setup Complete", Then press enter.

  9. Configure your hive settings (username, password, database, time and date) by editing Config_<Mod Name>/HiveEXT.ini.

  10. Configure all the settings of your server by editing Config_<Mod Name>/ServerSettings.cfg.

  11. X Configure your Rcon password/max ping by editing Config_<Mod Name>/BEServer.cfg.

  12. Execute Start_<Mod Name>_Server.bat.

  13. Wait for the ArmA II Server Console to appear.

  14. Go and join your server!

Mod Codes

Note: The mod which you would like to use must be installed prior to installing the server, this can be done by downloading most of them with [PlayWithSIX] ( or [DayZCommander] (

Mod CodeMod NameSupported VersionDirect Link
i44DayZ: Invasion 19440.2.1Download
2017DayZ 20171.1Download
namalskDayZ Namalsk0.741Download
sahraniDayZ Sahrani0.1Download
isladualaDayZ Isladuala1.1Download
thirskDayZ Thirsk1.3Download
thirskwinterDayZ Thirsk Winter1.3Download
lingorDayZ Lingor2.1Download
celleDayZ Celle1.9Download
fallujahDayZ Fallujah1.5Download
pantheraDayZ Panthera1.8Download
takistanDayZ Takistan1.7Download
utesDayZ Utes1.3Download
zargabadDayZ Zargabad1.5Download
oringDayZ Oring1.0.8Download

Known Bugs

Common Issues

Problem: Server crashes when the first player connects. Solution: Ensure that you have HiveEXT.dll in your Server_<Mod Name> Folder.

Problem: Server not shown on the in-game browser or on third-party server browsers (DayZCommander, PlayWithSIX etc.)
Solution: Ensure the game ports (Default: 2302 - 2305 UDP) are forwarded properly.

Problem: "Bad CD Key" messages. Solution: Buy the game.



A compact and easy to install private server package for DayZ Mod






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