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CDR-Stats is a free and open source call detail record analysis and reporting software for Freeswitch, Asterisk and other types of VoIP Switch. It allows you to interrogate CDR to provide reports and statistics via a simple to use powerful web interface.

It is based on the Django Python Framework, Celery, SocketIO, Gevent and MongoDB.


Documentation can be found :

Beginner's Guide :

Beginner's Guide :


  • User UI :

    http://localhost:8008/ This application provide Reports, CDR Viewing, CDR reporting, Dashboard. Users can login and see their CDR only.
  • Admin UI :

    http://localhost:8008/admin/ This interface provides user (ACL) management, assignation of accountcode, also basic CRUD functions on the CDR

Additional information

Fork the project on GitHub :

License : MPL 2.0 (

Website :


Star2Billing S.L. ( offers consultancy including installation, training and customization

Please email us at for more information

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