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This is a total conversion mod based on Star Control 2 for Stardock's Galactic Civilizations 2.
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Galactic Civilizations 2 - Star Control Mod

This is a total conversion mod based on Star Control 2 for Stardock's Galactic Civilizations 2 (Twilight of the Arnor / Ultimate Edition).

Current version: 0.5 Alpha

ModDB mod page



Team behind remastered/HD version of Star Control 2

Team behind remixed version of the original soundtrack - Precursors

Developers at Stardock Entertainment for creating Galactic Civilizations 2

Star Control 2 Races:

Maximum Major races allowed in Galactic Civilizations 2 is 10, including the player. 12 Can be set to be chosen in the menu. New Game settings allow a maximum of 8 Minor races. With maps or scenarios that add the existence of Dread Lords, a total of 19 races can on a map.

Map editor does not allow minor race units to be set. Modifying manually makes the game ignore planets and ships owned by an out of range RaceID. Scenario editor will crash the game is more than 10 races are enabled besides the Dread Lords.

Race List:

(race) (Ethical alignment)


  • Battle Thralls:
  • Spathi (Neutral)*
  • Umgah (Chaotic Evil)*
  • VUX (Chaotic Evil)*
  • Yehat (Neutral)*
  • Thraddash (Chaotic Evil)*
  • Ilwrath (Pure Evil)*
  • Mycon (Pure Evil)*
  • Independent:
  • Druuge (Chaotic Evil)*
  • Utwig (Chaotic Good)*
  • Independent (Small territory):
  • Pkunk (Chaotic Good)
  • Orz (Neutral)**
  • Supox (Pure Good)*

Major (non-playable):

  • Ur-Quan:
  • Kohr-Ah (Evil)***
  • Kzer-Za (Evil)*


  • Free:
  • Slylandro** (Neutral)
  • Zoq-Fot-Pik** (Pure Good)
  • Slaveshielded, has fleet:
  • Syreen* (Pure Good) (Gaia)
  • Entirely slaveshielded:
  • Humans** (Chaotic Good) (Earth & Unzervalt)
  • Pre-Chmmr (Chaotic Good) (Procyon II)
  • Ascend from Event (GalCiv2 does not support ingame events):
  • Chmmr** (Chaotic Good)
  • Shofixti** (Chaotic Good)
  • Minor with hidden homeworld (maps can have homeless players, but Minor race ships cannot be set):
  • Arilou Lalee'lay** (Chaotic Good)
  • Melnorme** (Neutral)

* - Added as a Major race ** - Added as a Minor race *** - Added as Dread Lords, which receive all technologies in the set technology tree.

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