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A rewrite of @corpnewt's CorpBot, designed to be completely modular and scalable.
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Starbot - an open source Discord bot

What's Starbot about?

We have two goals for our bot: simple and powerful. The bot uses a plugin based system to allow you to write your own commands without ever touching the core of the bot. Just make a new file in the plugins folder and code away! We even have helpful APIs to handle databases, caching, and lots of other things for you. You can check these out at our docs page.

How do I install Starbot?

I'd like to contribute!

Contributing to Starbot is always welcome and pretty simple. If you encounter a bug, have a suggestion, etc then visit the Jira tracker using the link above and write out a ticket.

If you want to write a plugin, check out the documentation.

If you'd like to contribute to the core of the bot or have your plugin merged into the main bot, create a fork on GitHub and then pull request when you've made your changes.

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