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SnowTricks comunity site

Scrutinizer Code Quality


How to install


To install, you need


  • Navigate to the repository where you copied the files
  • Copy the .env file to .env.local
  • Configure the .env.local file
  • Run composer install --no-dev --optimize-autoloader to download all the backend dependencies for production environment or composer install for dev environment
  • Run yarn install to download all the frontend dependencies
  • Verify that the var folder is writable by the webserver
  • Verify that the public/uploads folder is writable by the webserver

Running the dev environment

  • Make sure you are in dev environment in the .env or the .env.local file.
  • Make sure your database is running and configured in the .env or .env.local files
  • Make sure you have all the dev dependencies by running composer install
  • Create the database with php bin/console d:d:c
  • Apply the migrations with php bin/console d:m:m
  • Load the demo fixtures with php bin/console d:f:l
  • Compile the assets with yarn encore dev
  • Start the symfony server with php bin/console server:run
  • The default admin user is admin/admin
  • Multiple users created, all with the password "user"

The .env file

APP_ENV=dev Dev or Prod environment

APP_SECRET= The secret used by symfony, used by the csrf protection

You should regenerate the APP_SECRET with 32 characters


DATABASE_URL= The database connection

MAILER_URL= Smtp server

ADMIN_EMAIL="" the sender of the emails from the site

Configure the paths to the default images used throughout the site

DEFAULT_FRONTPAGE_TEXT="Une phrase d'accroche"

The upload image paths. Be careful, this is hardcoded in the fixtures


Do you wish to activate the caroussel when more that 1 picture is selected for a trick.

This feature is still in development and not considered stable


The default meta data for the pages

DEFAULT_PAGE_TITLE="My page title, 55 to 64 characters"
DEFAULT_PAGE_DESCRIPTION="a short description that will show up in the google search"
DEFAULT_PAGE_KEYWORDS="the main keywords, this will be overwritten by the tags for each trick. Seperate with comma"
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