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Starcounter is an in-memory database application engine.
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This is Starcounter's public repo for your questions and feedback.

Create an issue in the issue tracker if you have a question that is not covered in our docs or want to file a bug.


Starcounter is a fused ACID memory centric database engine and C# VM that makes it easy to create fast line-of-business applications by merging primary and secondary memory and using server side view-models.

Read more about Starcounter in the docs.

Developer Samples

  • HelloWorld Tutorial - Tutorial that introduces the fundamental features of Starcounter.
  • StarcounterApps - All repositories that serve as Starcounter demo apps.
  • Simplified - Simplified data model used by all demo apps.
  • KitchenSink - Shows how to model different UI patterns in JSON.
  • SignIn - Authenticate users with a username and password.
  • UserAdmin - Sample user administration.
  • People - Sample address book.
  • Products - Sample product information management.
  • Images - Sample micro app that can put an image on anything.
  • Barcodes - Sample micro app that can put a barcode on anything.
  • Chatter - Sample app to chat about anything.
  • Launcher - A launcher is an app that gives a common UI feeling to multiple apps running simultaneously.
  • LogStreamer - This is a sample log streamer application for Starcounter.

Download installer

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