Shortcode Attributes

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The plugin, even though it doesn't have a settings page, offers a handful of options through shortcode attributes. Here is the list of available attributes.

Attribute Values Default Description
plugin_slug (mandatory) wordpress-reviews Slug of your plugin as it appears in the plugin page's URL
rating 1-5, all all Only show reviews with a certain rating up. For instance, defining 3 will show reviews rated 3+
limit integer 10 Number of reviews to show
sortby date, rating date How to sort the reviews
sort ASC, DESC DESC Sort reviews is an ascending (low to high) or descending (high to low) order
truncate integer 300 Number of characters to show. Everything after this limit will be hidden and a "Read more" link will be added
gravatar_size integer 96 Size of the Gravatar
container_class Class of the container
container_id ID of the container
link_all yes, no no Whether or not to show a link to the reviews page
link_add yes, no yes Whether or not to show a link to add a new review on
layout grid, carousel grid The layout to use. Carousel layout uses Slick
exclude string A list of reviewers to exclude. Must be username. If more than one username, usernames must be separated by a comma (,)
no_query_string 1 (enabled), 0 (disabled) 0 (disabled) Remove all query strings from Gravatar images for better performance
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