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The Starling Project aims to simplify the development, testing and deployment of single and multi-UAV applications using containerisation and container orchestration technologies This is developed with the University of Bristol and University of West of England for the Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

Contribution Guidelines

We gladly accept any issues and pull requests!

Useful Resources

There have been a number of tutorials and docs written since the start of Starling, some of which are here:

RSS 2022 Workshop Paper (


University of Bristol

  • Mickey Li (@mhl787156)
  • Rob Clarke (@rob-clarke)


  1. BRL Flight Arena Infrastructure 2.0

    Shell 12 3

  2. Murmuration Public

    A repository for deployment and running of a preset collection of docker-compose and kubernetes deployment files.

    Shell 1 1

  3. CookieCutter Templates for Building Custom Starling Applications

    C++ 3

  4. Fenswood Farm as a scenario for Starling

    Python 1 3

  5. ROS2 port for key libraries for the Clover Drone Platform.

    C++ 2

  6. An Example User Interface using the ros2 web bridge and compatible with Starling



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