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🎈The ultimate ACM-ICPC scoreboard.
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Spotboard is an awesome, fancy, and modern web-based scoreboard application for programming contests, especially ACM-ICPC.



Spotboard consists of two main modules: a static web application (frontend), and the feedserver (backend: API server) that provides the contest information.

Frontend: Web Application

Download a webapp package, and serve it using any HTTP server. We recommend http-server -c-1 (disable cache) or nginx. A path to the API server and many other preferences can be configured in config.js.

Backend: FeedServer

The feedserver should provide the contest information and all the runs (submissions) during the contest, in JSON. For common contest systems such as PC^2 or Domjudge, please see below.

Disclaimer: Some of internal API specifications might be not backward-compatible.

Backend: Domjudge

You may find spotboard/domjudge-converter useful.

Backend: PC^2

Disclaimer: This part is not yet open-sourced, sorry :)

TL;DR) Setup the config.yaml, then launch the spotboard server application.

$ vim config.yaml
$ java -jar spotboard-server.jar




If you want to contribute to the project, please raise an issue or a pull request.



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