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TDI2D is a simple .NET 2D game engine. It's basing on .NET SFML binding.

I'm creating it for fun, just because I want to write my own, simple 2D game.

Main features I want TDI2D to include:

  • scenes
  • simple colisions detection
  • animations
  • input handling
  • multiplayer API

(list can be changed)

Steps to use TDI2D in your project:

  1. Compile TDI2D project in "Release" mode
  2. Create new .NET Framework project
  3. In your new project add reference to dll compiled in first step src\TDI2D\bin\Release\TDI2D.dll
  4. In your new project add references to all dlls from lib\lib
  5. Copy all dlls from lib\extlibs to your project destination folder
  6. Now you should be able to use TDI2D in your project
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