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StatTag is a free plug-in for conducting reproducible research and creating dynamic documents using Microsoft Word with the R, Stata and SAS statistical packages.

StatTag allows users to embed statistical output (estimates, tables, and figures) within Word and provides an interface to edit statistical code directly from Word. Statistical output can be individually or collectively updated from Word in one-click with a behind-the-scenes call to the statistical program. With StatTag, modification of a dataset or analysis no longer entails transcribing or re-copying results in to a manuscript or table.

Contributing to StatTag

We welcome anyone that wishes to contribute to StatTag. Please download the code and feel free to submit any proposed changes as a pull request.

Referencing StatTag

Please cite StatTag in any manuscripts that use it:

Welty, L.J., Rasmussen, L.V., Baldridge, A.S., & Whitley, E. (2016). StatTag. Chicago, Illinois, United States: Galter Health Sciences Library. doi:10.18131/G36K76

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