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Environmental Education CMS

The Environmental Education CMS organizes resources
for teachers and students through partners of NAAEE.

System partners include:

Environmental Education in Georgia
Environmental Education in
Hawai'i Environmental Education Alliance

EE 2.0 Updates:

Exception Summary Emails

2019 - To handle the rapid exceptions caused by DOS attacks, email summaries are sent to admins once every 30 minutes containing the remote IPs and the counts per IP address.

For PageName, we've added the highlighted line. If the script_name ends with a trailing slash, as in “/events/”, we return an empty string rather than “events”.

For IContains, we now checks for an empty string as well as null. If the string had been empty, IContains would have returned 0 as the index, and therefore true, rather than false as would be expected.

Implementation of Secure HTTPS

2018 - Use of CloudFlare to provide free https security.

Custom Page URLs

2015 - Added support for custom page URLs for improved search indexing and short URLs.

Static Page Generation

2014 - Pages generated from multiple queries are now stored in static folders for fast loading.

If you are interested in contributing code or updating your site, please post an issue using the tab above.

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