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The Stations Project

Status: Work in progress, not usable.

Use Cases

  • Social networks
  • Collaboration space
  • Personal cloud
  • ...

What is the Stations Project?

The Stations Project will allow users to run a webserver on their local machines. This server will have the following features:

  • User accounts
  • Groups (e.g. admins)
  • Permission management (by groups)
  • Tickets (where multiple users should approve an action)
  • WebServer
  • Logs

What is Special about this?

The Stations Project is designed to be completely modular. This means:

  • Modules (e.g. user-management) use CLIs instead of APIs
  • Modules can be written in any programming language and still be compatible
  • Modules have to conform to the Stations Project Protocol (which defines the CLIs and file structures)


The Stations Project is based on NodeJS. Why?

  • Web frontend is also written in JavaScript or TypeScript
  • Scripting languages have no build time
  • Scripting languages are more flexible
  • Fast compared to most other scripting languages
  • When needed, compiled modules can still be implemented (modularity)

There is an NPM organization for the Stations Project, see the Development Spaces page.